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We can submit all over India ppts in Mumbai.


Business  :

Org valid ppt atleast for 06 months,

Two colour photo 35x45mm 80% face white background, 

Online visa application form dully filled & signed by paxs only with upload Covering letter, Invitation letter, Ppt copy 01st & last page, tkt copy & yellow fever certf.

Org Detail Covering letter on company letter head.

Original Invitation letter from Ghana with round seal of Ghana company.

Ppt copy of Invitee person.

Yellow fever card copy.

Tkt with e-tkt nmbr.

Note: Once consulate will rcvd the approval from Ghana then only consulate will accept the application & after accepting the application consulate will take 02 working days to process the visa.


Ghana visa to be filled online


Tourist  :

1. Org valid ppt atleast for 06 months. 

2. Two colour photo 35x45mm 80% face white background.

3. Online visa application form,,, Ghana visa to be filled online

4. Org Detail Covering letter on company letter head with day to day Itenary & with round seal of company if having own business, If working then letter on plain paper will do.

5. Org Leave letter on company letter head with exact leave dates with round seal of company.

6. Personal bank stmnt of applicant for last 03 months balance of above Rs. 01 lakh with org bank seal & sign on each page.

7. Air tkt with e-tkt nmbr.

8. Hotel Voucher as per tkt.

9. Yellow fever card copy.


Visa Time Taken     :        02 working days


Visa Fee                   :        w.e.f 14th March 2014, Rs. 8,500/- Demand draft favoring Ghana high commission New Delhi. Payable to New Delhi.

                                           Processing charges in cash Rs. 1600/-

Consulate stop issuing Multiple  entry visa. Only Single entry visa will be granted.


Visa Sub. Time        :        09:00 AM to 01:00 PM ( Mon-Fri )

Visa Coll. Time        :        02:00 PM to 03:00 PM