UK Visa Requirement


  1. Valid passport,
  2. One form,
  3. 02 photograph, 50x50m with white background, 
  4. Covering letter, 
  5. Invitation letter,
  6. Correspondence,
  7. Co. bank statement, 
  8. Co. profile, 
  9. Income tax   paper / salary slip, 
  10. appointment letter.

Download Sample Form here
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Urmi Axis Building, 1st Floor Behind Famous Studio, Opp. E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi West Mumbai 400011

Visa Fees : ₹ 7,500/-
VFS charges : ₹ 1,248/-
Time-taken : 15 Working days
urgent process available visit website below

Please Note:- passport submitted from 10th October 2012, collection will be given to the passport holder, it will be no longer possible for a third party to collect the document on client’s behalf. Only parent’s Can Collect Passport of Dependent children or if it’s a family then any one person from the family Can Collect the passport.

Sample Forms Needs to be Filled and submitted to us to fill the form online